Session & Transportation Management

EZ-CAMP2's flexibility enables you to manage one session or multiple sessions, and track all the transportation data that impacts your camp, to easily keep you organized and help make the business decisions.

EZ-CAMP2's flexibility lets you choose the most appropriate way to manage information about which sessions a camper is attending.

Entering Session Data into a Field in the Camper's Record

If campers enroll for just one session, it may be simplest to just have a session field on your camper screen (and other data fields, such as group, bunk, and transportation). With this approach, the session information is available for sorting, selecting, and reporting in the same way as any camper data.

Entering Session Data Using the Sessions Tab

Camp Sessions Software

The Sessions tab allows you to register campers for an unlimited number of sessions. It also allows you to easily manage data that is session specific (such as group and bunk) and unique for each session.

EZ-CAMP2 enables you track custom fields for tracking and reporting on any transportation information, such as plane or bus information, routes, special notes, and more.

Transportation Attendance – Using our EZ-Entry system, camps can print out a list of campers with bar codes next to their names and provide the list to bus counselors. If a camper is not in attendance, they can mark them as so and the names can be scanned at camp to create a list of who is in attendance (or not in attendance) so all your staff will have an up to date attendance report, with a complete history stored in EZ-CAMP2.

Camp Staffing Drawer

Client Testimonial

"Love, love, love EZ-Camp2's customer support! Wonderful product but the customer support is what really makes this superior. They are always asking for suggestions from users and upgrade often to make it easier for us to use. I highly recommend this product and staff!"

-Faith Gardner, Executive Assistant,
Amigo Centre